Episode 55: Eric Bjornstad- OD (Original Dirtbag).

One of the all time classic photos. Beckey left, Bjornstad right. Was Fred Becky ever young?

One of the all time classic photos. Beckey left, Bjornstad right. Was Fred Becky ever young?

On Episode 55 of the Enormocast, I seek out mad desert climber Eric Bjornstad. Though confined to a care facility in Moab, Eric is as bearded and bright-eyed as ever. He recounts his years climbing with Beckey, writing guidebooks, and mastering the dirtbag dream in a pre-outdoor-lifestyle Moab few can remember. Other than his homie Fred Becky, not many can match Eric’s longevity in the sport.

More on Eric at Alpinist

The Eiger Sanction Trailer




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9 Responses to Episode 55: Eric Bjornstad- OD (Original Dirtbag).

  1. Daviations says:

    Thanks to you, Chris, for having the courage to enter the care center in pursuit of the human connection with Eric and your broader community. As a climber who has also worked in long-term care in Colorado, I have had the privilege of serving many remarkable elders, and remarkable adventurers among them. In my experience, these are graceful citizens and community members who are honored to share their experiences when approached. This is one approach that we should not shy away from for fear of the unknown.
    As the institution of American climbing ages, so too will our pioneers and heroes. We will do well to follow your example and reach out to preserve their wisdom and humor – for their well-deserved benefit, as well as for our own and for that of future generations.

  2. Will says:

    Love this podcast! Thanks for all your hard work making this happen.

  3. GTS says:

    Great find and interview. One of your best Enormocasts yet. Eric is a piece of American climbing history. Loved the comment of the girl who kept slipping through his fingers. Hope I’m that sharp if I get to live that long.

  4. Terry McKenna says:

    Eric, damn I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for a long time!
    If you read this, send me an email. I’d love to chat. Always terry

  5. Willy says:

    I remember Eric and Tea house Tamarisk… damn little else, well maybe the rock.

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