Episode 56: Live Enormocast from Bonfire Coffee.

Deal-Breaker man showed up to heckle JT!
Deal-Breaker man showed up to heckle JT!

On Episode 56 (not 55!) of the Enormocast, I fight the sound of the clinking coffee cups and the hiss of the espresso machine to bring you a Live Enormocast from Bonfire Coffee in Carbondale. The winds of 5Point Film Festival brought my three guests to town: agitator Jonathan Thesenga, OG photog Chris Noble, and Dirtbag Diaries auteur Fitz Cahall. JT defends himself for his Deal-Breakers piece on Rock and Ice, and we call Quebecois crack master Peewee Ouellet. Chris talks about his new book, Woman Who Dare, and the good old days when you actually had to be somebody to take a good pic.  Fitz and I finish our talk with a hug, enough said. So grab yourself a mug of coffee, and join us for the second Live Enormocast from 5Point.

 Woman Who Dare at Amazon

JP’s long lost cousin Maryse Ouellet

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