Episode 23: Mason Earle- Master of his domain.

Photo: Brad Gobright

On Episode 23 of the Enormocast, hotshot crack addict Mason Earle survives a near fatal fixie accident and arrives at the mobile studio ready to open his soul. We learn about his beginnings on the East Coast, his fateful first days in Indian Creek, a shameful ascent of El Cap and more. We are both convinced that OW climbing is god’s own, but when we both claim to suck at it, one of us is lying. Nico Favresse might or might not make a cameo. Finally, James Lucas can skip to 33 minutes for this show’s reference to me climbing the FreeRider.

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5 Responses to Episode 23: Mason Earle- Master of his domain.

  1. Dane M says:

    Just got to this one! Great interview, love the history y’all get into. Hope ME is doing well

  2. David M says:

    Great interview Chris! You seem to be the Kevin Bacon of climbing you’re only a couple degrees of separation from everyone. Also, I really enjoy your taste in music, what is the name of the song at the end??

  3. Brian Lavett says:

    Love this episode! Total riot. Kept me laughing. I’d love to hear this guy come on again Kalous.

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