Episode 22: Climb hard and walk tall with Andrew Bisharat.

Charlie Moore’s been trying real hard!

On Episode 22, Andrew Bisharat and I discuss why hard climbing is so important to everyone. We hit on grades, appropriate hero worship, why Americans are the lifestyle climbers of the world, and how Ecstasy, sex, and climbing go together . Also, unbeknownst to him, we decide that Chris Sharma is the world’s saddest climber. Come along for this philosophical climb up that overhanging tufa route that you’ve been dreaming about.


5 Replies to “Episode 22: Climb hard and walk tall with Andrew Bisharat.”

  1. Great episode Chris and Andrew. You guys put into words so much of my climbing experience, probably most people’s climbing experience. The subjects you guys touched on are often really hard to describe or even recognize in yourself.

    1. Thanks J, we just discussed the idea over a few texts and then went for it. I wasn’t sure how people would take it. When we talk off the cuff like that, not everything we spray is 100 percent what we even believe. As Andrew says at one point, we are ourselves discovering ideas and ways of thinking we haven’t really hashed out yet. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  2. I like the philosophical podcasts. This one had some great quotes in it. I’ll need to listen to it one more time to jot down the quotes I liked the most.

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