Episode 4: BJ Sbarra (and Thunderpup) is here to inspire you.

Thunderpup with bloodlust in her eyes (yes, that's a bearded lady).

On Episode 4, I hang out in BJ Sbarra’s kitchen fending off his vicious dog, Thunderpup, while he goes on and on and on about his big deal website, splitterchoss.com. Ooh, Outside Magazine’s Top Ten Climbing Blog list, ooh, seven years old, ooh launched my internet career. Blah, blah, blah, BARK. Anyway, we talk about the future of internet media and why we are both selfless princes among men. Check it.


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  1. I’m off to play in mostly unknown world of the Florida Mountains in So, NM from Houston and digging the company. I guess I’m a bit late to the show. Just discover it off a plug in Climbing. I’m loving the content! I started climbing in 92 so it’s cool to listen to you talk to my heroes as well as current BAes

  2. Hey Chris,

    Love the podcast. My buddy introduced me to it about a week ago and I’ve been listening to old episodes non-stop on my ipod as I cruise around town. Thanks for hosting this and always making it interesting.


  3. I’m a newbie to all this podcast listening and new to ENORMOCAST!!! and I’m in love. I’m not one to remember the “big” names of all these rad climbers but I know Thunderpup!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!! Thanks for casting all this real funness!!

    1. Thunderpup has her fans for sure. A small but amped constituency. I’ll let her know she’s loved if I can get her to stop running in circles for two seconds.

  4. I like the format of your show. Thanks for putting it together. Hope it’s successful for you…

    1. Nathan,

      I get all these generic spams that say stuff like “hey, me like your blog/website. Good information for myself.” This one kind of sounds like that. So, if its spam, you win this round spambot! If its genuine, then, thanks!


  5. Hey Chris it took me two podcast to actually get over here and comment as requested. I really enjoyed this episode as I am looking at internet media as well, as another source of income. So you and BJ had some good info thanks.

    I also miss a bit of the tales section and ethics debates from OBP. Bring on those rants.

    I listen in my work truck so the stories are a nice escape as I don’t get out much to climb these days.

    1. K,

      Yeah, I agree that we need some good roundabout ethics blowouts. Its in the works. Different things keep falling in my lap, and I am just picking up what I can. Hopefully everyone will stick around for the long haul- and I’ll be able to keep it up- and we can cover all the bases. Its funny because right when I think people are sick of certain things- like stories about the Black Canyon- I get an email that says “more Black Canyon, please!”

      Thanks for the comment and listening.


  6. These comments are getting my psyched to listen to episode 4 (and 3) later this week. Your OBP and the new Enormocasts make for great road trip listening and I’ve been saving them for our upcoming road trip up the Moab/IC area. Will we get an episode 5 before Thursday night? 🙂 Thanks for the quality entertainment. Keep it up!

  7. My phone has been on silent since September. I had long since forgotten that I made the intro from an OBP as my ringtone. Just the other day I was given quite a surprise as my pocket started telling me to get up there before he panics. It made me happy.

  8. Hey from Seattle. I’m enjoying these a lot on the (too many) days I can’t be out climbing! Look forward to more. Nice use of a Dylan Thomas line in there too 🙂

  9. Well done guys. This was the best one so far, for me. The interview with Kelly was cool but this one was good because gave us insight to the climbing industry and media, which I’m trying to be involved in. I can relate to having a new site and coming up with content. It was good to hear from BJ who is quite “seasoned” in the whole climbing website thing. 🙂

  10. Hey Chris,

    I really enjoy the enormocast as well as off belay. I’m an elementary school teacher and listen while the kids are at specials so I can get my climbing fix while I’m getting work done! I especially liked the episode on climbing commands on the offbelay podcast. It made me rethink what I was saying and doing when at the belay ledge. Thanks for the fun content and keep up the good work!- Darren

  11. Leaving a comment, as requested. haha
    Great shows so far. Miss OBP a lot. I really liked all the insight into crag ethics and etiquette. For example, I am pretty new to climbing, but even I knew to take the quick links and daisy off my harness at the gym. Keep up the good work, man. All 16 of us are still really psyched every time we get a new podcast.


    1. I think I’m up to 20 listeners now, but I will always have a special place in my heart for that first sweet 16. Stay tuned for some similar topic threads as the old podcast. I feel a rant coming on soon.

  12. definitely good stuff on the ride in to work, and thunderpup might be the best name for a dog I’ve heard yet.

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