Episode 10: On our movie date, Kelly Cordes explains the coward's guide to alpinism.


On the first double-digit episode of the Enormocast, co-host Kelly Cordes and I discuss the the films we saw at the 5Point Film Fest and outdoor film making in general. We end up deciding that climbers are the nerds of extreme sports. Turns out that big wave surfers and big falls kayakers are way, way cooler than climbers and ultra-runners are far tougher. Kelly also repeats the word “porn” enough times to make me uncomfortable.

Links to some of the films we rant about:

Aquadettes, Racing the End, Code Red, Cold, Obe and Ashima, Dark Side of the Lens, Kadoma


23 Replies to “Episode 10: On our movie date, Kelly Cordes explains the coward's guide to alpinism.”

  1. Kelly should write a short piece called The Coward’s Guide to Alpine Climbing Success. Great Podcast, Chris. I discovered the Enormocast a couple of weeks ago and have been listening to all of them. Great stuff!

  2. Chris,

    I’m not a rock climber,(but want to get into it soon) but your podcast is great! Just started listening and starting from the first episodes. Very informative and enertaining! Just finished episode 10 today and you and Kelly make a great team. Keep up the good work!

    Chris Cullnane

  3. Thanks for another awesome enormocast Chris. And HI “Chris Kalous’ friend” Sam – thanks for all your contributions over the yrs to climbing access…I wish I got a chance to buy both of you beers!

  4. BTW, one of the things lost on non surfers about big waves is that after the wipout, when the wave spits you out, you still might drown… all that foamy white-water is super airated. You can’t really stay afloat enough to get up for air. Code Red is terrifying.

    1. Total sickness. The sound system at the film fest was awesome so the rumbling of the wave and the bass when waves hit was super cool and extra scary.

      1. Woohoo, shout out to my girl Vicky! She told me she ran into you guys on Castleton when she got back to Creek Pasture.

        Yeah, we’re nerds, we’ve been following your podcasts since Off Belay. I’m so glad you’re keeping it up Chris!

        Ok, I’ve totally lagged on it, but now I’m going to donate. 🙂

        1. Climbing nerds are my peeps! It was flattering to have her recognize me, actually. Like Andrew B said in his interview, I kinda do this for myself and it’s surprising to part of my brain when I find out someone I don’t know is listening! But thanks for listening and the donation, hopefully you will get your money’s worth in the coming months. Hope you had a great time in the des!

  5. Great episode Chris. Listened to it on a run today and found myself laughing out loud mid-trail. I wasn’t able to find a twitter handle for The Enormocast earlier today when I wanted to reference you directly in my tweet. Do you think you could throw one together? Keep up the good work!

    1. Okay. I set this up a while back but never used it. The Enormocast @enormocast. Uhm, I guess I oughta start tweeting, huh? Tweet. (stay tuned).

  6. Great episode. Love the cowards guide to alpine climbing. Always a good idea to climb yourself into a situation where the easiest way off is up!

    Another great non-climbing film that made the festival rounds a couple of years ago: Eastern Rises. Flyfishing of all things. A contender for something slower than climbing, but the film was great.

    1. I’ll check it. Saw a pretty cool fishing film with some guys who were as stoked on fishing as any climber is on climbing. I always think of fishing as an old guy thing- even though I’ve fished for years. Cool to see some younger dudes fired up on catching big fish in the middle of nowhere.

  7. Chris, it was awesome to chat with you after the Friday night 5Point show. What an amazing event. I’ve just started catching up on the back episodes of Enormocast and I’m super psyched so far. Keep up the good work, amigo, and we’ll keep spreading your gospel.

    1. There is a now overused phrase for this, but I’m gonna you it anyway: WTF? Awesome. Him, which of the 5 points does this hit? None. Humor is one thing all outdoor film fests need more of.

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