Episode 32: Paige Claassen- Climbing isn't everything.

Paige Claassen bleeding out in Mill Creek. Photo: Lisa Hathaway

Hola! Bienvenidos al Episodio 32 con Paige Claassen. I am taking time out of my precious Euro climbing vacation to post this up for you! On this installment, I meet up with Paige in a seedy hotel in Salt Lake City during the darkest days of winter to find out what makes her tick. She fills us in on how to stay motivated, how to hang on until it hurts, and how to win friends and influence people. She also talks about how to navigate the moral landmines of the heathen climbing world as a believer. Prepare to get your crush on!

Paige’s Website

A Nice Video Profile of Paige by Celin Serbo


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    1. In that general area, but there is one down the road a few clicks on the Argentina side that has some boulders more in a grassy field, not so much the moraine. Or at least in my minds eye.

  1. thats two for two with the podcasts recorded right before the Send!

    Despite that, thanks for doing what you’re doing Kalous, great stuff

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