Episode 37: The Safety Dance with Duane Raleigh.

BSA_climbing badgeOn Episode 37, I sit down for what is probably the last episode from Studio A- the closet. The Royal We is getting thrown out on his royal ass because they’re selling the joint and he can’t afford to buy it (hint!). Duane Raleigh from Rock and Ice Magazine joins in for a discussion about safety, about why you shouldn’t use the bowline, should put knots in your rap lines, and all sorts of other simple tips to staying alive. This guy has made all the mistakes and somehow lived to tell the tale, although not without his share of bone screws.

Because I didn’t use it in the show, here’s a link to the classic Safety Dance Video.




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  1. Rad! I’m so sick of any attitude reciprocated from a belayer or belayee for any type of safety checks. I hear it and experience it all of the time. It accounts in my immediate lack of respect for the climber. Sure.. sip a beer if you have to, eat a slim jim but only after we have gone through all of the checks and are on the same page, still I will ask if you got me and probably to triple check. Ware a fucking helmet, period – in a cave, clean rock.. give me a break! Please keep it up.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Just thought I would share with you how psyched I was to see the latest episode pop up. I was sitting in the hospital on Friday with our newborn baby girl, Sunny Joy, and bam, up popped the new episode. While cuddling with my babe I settled in with the earbuds and listened in. Of course I fell asleep mid-episode so I’ll have to give it another listen but thoroughly enjoyed the episode.

    I know it’s a lot of work to put these out but please know that they are greatly loved and appreciated by many! Cheers and huge thanks!


    P.S. Joy and I considered many names for the new babe. Unfortunately Enormo wasn’t one of them but I could see it for the right person!

    1. Thanks, Mike. And congratulations to you and Joy. There are way too many Americans for whom the name Enormo would work just fine, no reason to curse your child like that. Sunny is a wonderful choice.

  3. It goes like this: “a knot not neat is a knot not needed” taught to me by my Scottish outward bound instructor!

  4. Chris,

    Thank you for the heartfelt tribute to Kevin and Lucas, and they will both be missed. I actually met Lucas several times at Nomad Ventures in Idyllwild, and he was just as passionate and psyched as you described. I was involved in a serious accident in Indian Creek three months ago, and so I now know what it’s like to face one’s own mortality through climbing.


    1. Glad it didn’t come across as glib. I had a whole different intro planned, but I was a few deep into the PBRers and that’s what came out. It was too early for those guys to go. I hope you weren’t to damaged by your own accident and are doing well. Thanks for listening.

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