Episode 39: Henry Barber, enough said.

Dresden in the late 70s: The East Germans couldn’t believe how tan Henry’s legs were.

One Episode 39 of the Enormocast, me and Henry Barber nurse mild hangovers and sit down to talk about his 45 years of climbing. In the 70s, neither your crag nor your women were safe from Hot Henry’s talents. Henry rode the wave of clean climbing and free climbing in the 70s into history with famous trips to Australia where he blew the lid off the grades, and Dresden, Germany where he learned barefoot climbing and sling craft. Listen and learn the old ways from a master.

Henry and Pete Livesey battle it out.

More Awesome old footage.



7 Replies to “Episode 39: Henry Barber, enough said.”

  1. This episode had me smiling and aww struck. What a fantastic man. I could listen to his stories all day long. What a person to sit down with. Thanks for this episode.

  2. Had to go back to relisten to this after the Hudson/Jones. I have long noticed Barber’s name around, it was nice to hear him put his exploits into the context of his own voice. Really enjoyable, it should be on a top ten list somewhere.

    1. Thanks. The Barber episode was a fun one, and Henry wasnt too sure about what we were up to at the time, but he let me know he really thought we did some good work.

  3. Henry is the man! This interview was really inspiring and you can tell that Henry just loved climbing. I thought he did a good job of acknowledging his accomplishments and NOT being full of himself. This is a hard thing to do and Henry nailed it.

  4. Have loved the Enormocast since its inception, however, despite the fact that I did enjoy hearing Mr. Barber’s stories, I found him to be very full of himself. It was very ironic to hear him say that the climbers whom he admired the most were those who were humble.

    1. Indeed. At times he seemed that way. But keep in mind he had been invited to open up about his accomplishments. In person, his personality is quite infectious so its pretty easy to overlook any sense of arrogance.

      Thanks for being a long time listener!

  5. One of my favorite people, and an excellent interview. Nice to hear your voice Henry. Cheers! – John J McMullen

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