Episode 42: Luke Mehall- Keeping the Dirtbag Faith.

Luke and the Freedom Mobile

On Episode 42 of the Enormocast, I sit down with Midwestern refugee, Luke Mehall. Luke is an author, publisher, poet, and climber who is not afraid to bear and bare his soul on the written page. In Episode 42, we remember Zines, learn about when it is and isn’t appropriate to inundate a women with poetry, and why a small part of me hopes Luke fails miserably. Like so many authors, Luke is a purveyor of truth through mythology, and a creator of real stories that may not have happened, and a damn good story-teller.


Luke’s Blog

      Listen to Luke Read from his book: Climbing Out of Bed


5 Replies to “Episode 42: Luke Mehall- Keeping the Dirtbag Faith.”

  1. Very cool to hear from another mid-west climber, from Normal, Il and got his start at Upper Limits. That’s my gym! Very cool.

    1. Yeah, that Luke Mehall’s voice is hot and makes my junk feel like how it used to feel when I would climb the rope in gym class.

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