Episode 43: Asa Firestone – Beyond Climbing.

Me, Asa, and yes, that's Lynn Hill, at the Psicobloc comp in Park City.
Me, Asa, and yes, that’s Lynn Hill, at the Psicobloc comp in Park City.

On Episode 43 of the Enormocast, the Royal We sits down in the immobile studio with Asa Firestone. Asa recently started a company called Beyond Gear to help his mission to get underprivileged Brazilian kids out climbing on their neighborhood rocks. Asa talks about his mission, his lost partner, and why we all need to think about giving back.

Beyond Gear (and a great video about Asa’s mission)

First Ascenders

Climb for Life




2 Replies to “Episode 43: Asa Firestone – Beyond Climbing.”

  1. Another superb show. File this one under “pleasant surprises.” You never know what that Kalous guy is going to do next, but he does not disappoint. Very cool and inspiring work that Asa is doing. Thanks for shining a light on it!

    Small, small, small climbing world department: I was blown away by the story of Asa partner, Gil. As Asa was telling the story of his partner, I suddenly made the connection about who he was. I didn’t know Gil, but my pal Tony did. He had a strong connection with Gil and Ben and had the double-tough job of being part of the recovery. Powerful stuff.

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