Episode 47: James Lucas- The Life of Pie.

James’ trusty Saturn.

On Episode 47, James Lucas returns to the Enormocast. If we recall, James told us about his pie baking defeat in the 2012 Carbondale Mountain Fair pie baking contest in Episode 21, and this summer he returned for vengeance on the old ladies of Carbondale. James also fills us in on the new developments this year in big free climbing in Yosemite, and the overblown reaction to his “desecration” of Midnight Lightning in Camp 4.

James’ blog post about the 2013 CMF Pie Baking Contest

James’ offending blog post about Midnight Lightning

The 2014 Pie Baking Contest Results



5 Replies to “Episode 47: James Lucas- The Life of Pie.”

  1. @33:45 when talking about James’ food poisoning and a spreading forest fire in Rifle:

    “- I woke up the next morning and it wasn’t a good scene in the Rifle bathroom.”

    “-And on that very same day Rifle was on fire.”
    “-You got evacuated.”

    Was that a clever double entendre or just accidental?

  2. I think there is a need for an Enormocast all-star show. My favorite guests are James Lucas and Kelly Cordes. It would be great to hear the banter between the three of you. Love the podcast, keep it up!

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