Episode 70: Listener Mail Volume 3

k8856751 On Episode 70 of the Enormocast, we dip into the neglected mail bag for listener mail. My guests Simon 3344886441_ec900352a0_mLongacre, Steve Dilk, Tracy Wilson (from Episode 15), and I answer burning listener questions. What do you do about scary gumbies at the cliff? How do you pick up a hot climber girl? How to not act like a douche at the cliff and much, much more. Tune in to hear sage advice, useless commentary, and complete BS in equal measure.


7 Replies to “Episode 70: Listener Mail Volume 3”

  1. I have run into the freesoloer in the Squamish story, at Burgers and Fries. There was no hyperbole in that description!

  2. Enjoyed this until the comments on shitting near the cliff from the two-dogs-lady … who’s the bigger douche: the shitter or the person who lets their canines roam wild whilst they climb?

    1. Indeed. This has been a point of contention for many. I’m pretty sure I gotta do a dog ep in the new year some time. Not many issues more polarizing.

  3. For non-climbers, climbing is a date. For male climbers asking a woman to go climbing- it’s a date incognito probably- or that’s his hope. If a girl climber asks a guy climber to go climbing, it’s probably because he knows the area in question, or belays well, or she just gets along with him. 97.3 % of the time this is true.

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