Episode 96: Said Belhaj – All In, All the Time.

No booze, no drugs, no meat,all psyche.
No booze, no drugs, no meat, all psyche.
Said in sans kneepads in Rifle.
Said sans kneepads in Rifle.

On Episode 96 of the Enormocast, I luck out and sit down with Swedish/Moroccan/Finnish climber, Said Belhaj.

After obsessively adventuring on nearby rocks and breaking into his grade school like a ninja to train, Said found sport climbing and his fate was set. He is a seeker and finds the meditative state in climbing to be as necessary as air and food. As an accomplished musician, Said travels the world sending hard routes and blowing minds with transcendental music. All in, all the time, Said Belhaj is a climber for the ages.


Said’s Website.

Said Belhaj profile by Andrew Bisharat


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