Episode 97: Jay Smith – A Climber for All Seasons.

Jay Smith andhis mustache.
Jay Smith and his mustache.

On Episode 97 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a limping Mobile Studio with alpinist, and all-around climber, Jay Smith. Jay and I get through his discomfort to talk about his early climbing, his vast motivation for first ascents, rigging, and best partners. Jay may or may not have sanctioned himself Clint-Eastwood-style by revealing classified intel about Navy Seal training. Jay is more at home freezing on a Himalayan peak than talking about himself, but his personality shines through in this hour in the Mobile Studio.

Since there’s basically nothing on the internet about Jay Smith, the climber, here’s a video of Jay Smith, the Swedish Country singer.


12 Replies to “Episode 97: Jay Smith – A Climber for All Seasons.”

  1. This is one of yoyr better ones yet. What an amazing guy. I’d love to hear more of his stories. You have a gift at drawing people out of thier shells. Love your show man!

  2. Super good interview. Like Croft, he does what he does for the best of reasons. No need to flex. Smith has a big resume but he is low on self promotion. Gerberding is the same way…. he’ll stop by a couple struggling up a 5.5 and he’ll give them encouragement and bridge any gap between he and them. He won’t pass a hint at the level of climber he is. No need to….

  3. Got to climb with Jay and Kitty Calhoun and Steve Gerberding at Indian Creek back in the late 90’s. He had the aura.

    1. Thanks. I wasnt sure what I had when I walked away from that one. But during editing, I knew it was gold. Laid back and interesting guy who came across humble on the mic.

  4. Chris, wow that was so great to hear! I started climbing in Tahoe in the 80s. Jay Smith was one of the local guys that a noob like me looked up to. Really loved your NRG interview with Kenny Parker and Mikey Williams as well. Fantastic stuff, keep rolling to triple digits!

  5. Very good episode.
    Sounded less like an interview and more like a conversation.

    ( “A5 or whatever that means.” 😀 )

    Thank you Chris.

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