Episode 103: Stacy Bare- All We Need is Love, Climbing.

Photos: Abazar Khayemi

On Episode 103, I sit down with dad, husband, climber, skier, and Iraq War vet, Stacy Bare. Stacy is fresh off a trip to Angola with Alex Honnold, but he wants you to know that he’s really not a very good climber. Not good at all. So why did Honnold agree to go to Angola with him? Because he asked. Stacy found climbing while dancing on the edge of the void with booze, cocaine, and thoughts of suicide. The focus of climbing and the community around it brought him back from that edge, and his wife and child, Wilder, have kept him on stable footing ever since. Also, his day job leading kids, veterans, and so many others in the outdoors helps his stoke immensely. Oh, and lets talk about clearing landmines by hand while we’re at it.

Veteran Outreach at Sierra Club Outdoors

Stacy’s old job clearing ordinance with the Halo Trust



7 Replies to “Episode 103: Stacy Bare- All We Need is Love, Climbing.”

  1. Really loved this episode. Stacy is a very insightful and thoughtful guy. Some of it resonated particularly with me, ie the light bulb moment when you first ‘discover’ climbing, the intensity of the experiences and the friendships that form from them. Nice one Chris.

  2. Almost didn’t listen to this one as it didn’t sound like my thing. Really glad I did though as it turned out to be one of my favourites. Stacy has a really interesting perspective on things. He’s authentic, very eloquent and and his voice is amazing. He could surely get a job narrating Hollywood movie trailers with a voice like that. Great stuff.

  3. “sweet dreams Donkey” – this was an amazing ‘cast Chris. After listening, went and searched the vicesports video, excellent. Hope and love are amazingly powerful, thanks for doing what you do.

    You’ve spoken of peaking at 11 – this is an excellent one – keep it flowing.

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