Episode 102: Rebecca Rusch – Once a Climber, Always a Climber.

Peering into the past at Rebecca Rusch on the 2nd ascent of Bermuda Dunes, El Capitan.

On Episode 102 of the Enormocast, I sit down with long time friend and badass endurance athlete, Rebecca Rusch. Reba, as her friends call her (thanks to me), AKA The Queen of Pain, is known world wide for her feats on her mountain bike, but she was a climber first. After so much success in the realm of endurance mountain biking, including four Leadville 100 solo titles and more World Championships than you can shake a $20,000 dollar carbon fiber frame at, Reba still considers climbing her first love. One day, she will return to the fold and probably dominate climbing in some way, just like she has in so many of her athletic paths. This one is actually about walking away from climbing. Unheard of, I know.

Rebecca’s Website

8 Replies to “Episode 102: Rebecca Rusch – Once a Climber, Always a Climber.”

  1. OMG Great episode! Chris was the fish rather than the fisherman in this episode and Rebecca kept him on the line wiggling in the wind most of the time. Truly enjoyed hearing you squirm bro! This show is the best thing going for climbing here in the “future”, drawing the lines back to the past clearly and connecting them solidly. Thanks Kalous!

  2. Hey Kalous,

    If you’re interested in getting more folks that talk about scientific training for climbing, have you considered the Anderson brothers (rock prodigy program)? They’re book is really interesting and I think Siegrist and Classen use/have used the program too.

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