Episode 137: Carlo Traversi – Beyond Bouldering.

On Episode 137 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a glass room with boulderer, sport climber, and secret trad-head, Carlo Traversi. Though mostly known for very very hard bouldering, Carlo’s humble beginnings, like many, started in a gym and with a dusting of trad credentials. But once he tasted hard bouldering – ironically on ┬áNOLS course – his own course was set for the next decade as he found himself humping pads up into the dawn of RMNP alpine pebble wrestling. ┬áBut recently, at the top of his bouldering game, he found himself longing for new challenges, and now Carlo wants to bring that five-move-Kung Fu to the trad and big wall world.

The Triple 14 Challenge

Q & A with Carlo

3 Replies to “Episode 137: Carlo Traversi – Beyond Bouldering.”

  1. I just met Carlo in Joshua Tree a couple days back. Dude was super friendly; he was more talkative than I was lol. Down to earth guy who is a personal inspiration.

  2. Great episode! So funny to hear about Cevio in the end, that’s in my region!
    Thanks for the awesome work you do with this podcast Chris!

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