Episode 178: Will Gadd – Stoked on the Magic.

On Episode 178 of the Enormocast, I sit down with Canadian rock and ice climber, Will Gadd. Will hit the early sport climbing scene in Boulder, Colorado in the 80s and has never looked back. As an early comp climber, Will had the honor of getting crushed by a young Chris Sharma. Switching his focus to paragliding and ice climbing, Will has set records on the wing and was a progenitor of modern mixed climbing, while still slaying rock and alpine routes on demand. Now in his 50s, there still isn’t anybody as stoked on climbing as Will Gadd.

Helmcken Falls with Will and Tim

All Things Will

6 Replies to “Episode 178: Will Gadd – Stoked on the Magic.”

  1. Been re-listening to the enormo during lockdown, so late to the party on a comment but I could listen to this all day. You’re a great interviewer Chris, and Will’s stoke is endless!

    1. Thanks. Will Gadd is the real deal, I think. You can’t last as long in this business as he has and stay in top of your game like he has by faking it.

  2. Hey guys I’m a middle guy from the uk with no climbing experience all I’ve ever done I’d some hill walking, just wanted to say that was one the most inspirational shows I’ve ever listened too, not that I’m gonna take up climbing but I’m definitely gonna up my game and try and be the best version of me I can be. I could literally taste the enthusiasm, keep up the great podcast

  3. Dear Will (or Chris), we need to see the photo of you in a pleather miniskirt and red hoop earrings. Also, please get RECCO reflectors sold as just reflectors (not sewn into clothing). Chris, every time a guest tells a Sharma story, I feel like you are dropping the ball a tiny bit. Get that guy! Great episode

    1. Ha. Sharma lives in Spain so its a little tough. I have a guy on the inside over there, though, so maybe I can get it done. And I scoured the internet for a shot of Will Gadd from the 80s to no avail, and he was not forthcoming. Alas.

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