Episode 177: Allison Vest – Trashcans and Try-hard.

On Episode 177 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a parking lot with Canadian boulderer and comp-climber, Allison Vest. Though Allison grew up in the heart of the Canadian Rockies’ alpine gnar, competition and plastic were her heart’s desire. She made her mark as a youth climber, and after a wayward year in Edmonton, and the worst Southeast Asia sport climbing trip anyone has ever lived to tell about, Allison buckled down to become Canada’s National Bouldering Champ in 2018. Following this interview, she won the Canadian 2019 Open Lead Championships. Now, after struggling through injury last year, but tasting recent success in 2019, Allison is poised to find her true potential training in Vancouver and looking to the future beyond the 2020 Olympics.

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      1. Absolutely! Although I note that a sock was available to delay immediate bleed-out. That’s actually quite disappointing; I’m sure that at eighteen I would never have been so risk-averse as to have taken the trouble to pack an extra sock. Still; kids today – eh? No sense of adventure!

  1. Best interview yet. And, you’ve had some amazing ones lately. Allison was great. More women comp climbers, please!

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