Episode 209: Natalie Afonina – The Innumerable Paths.

On Episode 209, I sit down on home turf in Carbondale, Colorado with climber and engineer, Natalie Afonina. Natalie grew up in the States but with a strong connection to her parents homeland, mother Russia. Fluent in Russian and holder of dual citizenship, Natalie has used that pedigree to her advantage as she’s travelled the world into far away places rarely accessed by Americans. Along the line, she was inspired by her mountaineer father to seek the cold and wild. A chance encounter with the North Face Team in Nepal set her on a path to climbing, though she also maintained a career in robotics software including stints at Tesla and Uber. Now on a sabbatical to cut her teeth as a full time ice climber before the next phase of her life, Natalie is ready for whatever adventure drops in her lap.

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2 Replies to “Episode 209: Natalie Afonina – The Innumerable Paths.”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m about halfway through listening to your back catalogue: it’s been a delight and a boon during covid times.
    Of all the characters you’ve introduced us to, three stand out for me: Kelly Cordes for his humour and honesty, Haydon Kennedy for his passion and commitment, and Natalie Afonina. Chris, if I weren’t happily married, I’d be begging you for her number. She’s such a great mixture of brains, courage and spirit; her attitude to climbing and growing old without regrets mirrors my own. It was a real treat to listen in your discussion: did I correctly detect that you too were a little smitten?
    All creepiness aside, the Enormocast is an excellent show and a true resource for climbers and their friends and families, and other who simply enjoy a wide ranging conversation with thread passion, truth and warmth running through it.
    I’ll continue to share your work with everyone I know. And maybe listen to the latest show again…
    Best of luck, avoid covid and as you say, check your knots.

    1. Haha. I think I’m more into her dad. Besides, I actually couldnt be with somebody so relentlessly positive. I’m not joking. I need some some darkness for the light. But she’s got a lot of stoke, and I’d be psyched to climb with her one day if I could get her off the ice for 5 minutes.

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