Enormocast 218: Mark Synnott – 50 Shades of Adventure

On Episode 218 of the Enormocast, I connect after some really weird internet glitching with climber and author Mark Synnott. Mark’s book The Third Pole: Mystery, Obsession, and Death on Mount Everest and its imminent release was the occasion for our talk, but the convo quickly turns to our shared past and his personal struggles juggling adventure, family, and marriage. Mark is one of the preeminent explorers of our time with not just mind-boggling climbing feats under his belt, but adventures in massive caves, deep jungles, and wild landscapes on his resume as well. His former life as a dirtbag expedition climber has been supplanted by a career in journalism and documentation, but his wit and love of adventure remains.

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  1. I found this such a great listen that I went out and bought the third pole and finished it promptly in three days. The book was one of the best I’ve read of the mountaineering genre. The last three chapters are especially good. Great job on having Mark on Chris.

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