Enormocast 224: John “The Verm” Sherman – Foot on the Gas

On Episode 224 of the Enormocast, I connect with bouldering legend, John Sherman. “The Verm”, as he is widely known, is a seminal boulderer in America and the world. Known as much for his antics and his legendary toughness, John Sherman also likely bouldered there first as he spanned the continent looking for and developing blocks. He is also known as the progenitor of the V-grade system, though he wishes now he had not had that particular stoke of genius. Gone from the spotlight for a moment as he pursued photography, John is back in shape and attempting to repeat a route he did 30 years ago: Midnight Lightning.

Kyler Pallister GoFundme

Old Man Lightning Trailer

4 Replies to “Enormocast 224: John “The Verm” Sherman – Foot on the Gas”

  1. Chris, Thanks for another excellent podcast !! Great hearing John holding court on the state of bouldering in the States. A veritable trip down memory lane…

  2. Thank you for a great interview!
    I consider adopting the T scale.
    And you were right about the fundraiser – it does feel good.
    Take care out there

    1. That was a funny bit. Got a text from Kyler recently. Bone marrow transplant is through. Sounds like a positive outcome. Now he recovers while they monitor for signs of the cancer.

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