Enormocast 226: Stacy Bare – Resist with Joy

On Episode 226 of the Enormocast, Stacy Bare (episode 103) returns to the Enormocast with an urgent message. At this moment, Afghanistan is in crisis and evacuations are underway for allies and Afghans who worked for, collaborated with, and trusted the American mission in their country. Through his Adventure Not War initiative, Stacy travelled to Afghanistan in 2019 to ski and film the nascent ski mountaineering community which had begun to flourish around Kabul. But now, not only are outdoor pursuits like climbing and skiing curtailed, the practitioners, promoters, and liaisons in Afghanistan’s outdoor community, especially the women, are under direct threat. Stacy returns to the Enormocast to implore us not just to help our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan right this minute, but to think about our relationship with the global outdoor community and what it means to be an American abroad climbing, skiing, and seeking our spiritual connections with the mountain people of the globe.

Ascend Athletics is helping to get threatened Outdoor Athletes out of Afghanistan

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Support Guides and Fixers in Afghanistan

Support Veteran Healing

Stacy’s Current gig at Happy Grizzly Adventures

Stacy and Veterans Skiing in Iraq

7 Replies to “Enormocast 226: Stacy Bare – Resist with Joy”

  1. After having spent the better part of 2 years in Afghanistan, as a deployed Soldier, the current events have bombarded me with mixed emotions of anger, frustration, anxiety, among many others. Stacy’s message has rang loud and clear in my head. Calling my congress-critters first thing Monday.
    As a seasoned cyclist, skier and novice climber, I will also be reaching out to Stacy to engage with him regarding enabling veterans access to the outdoors.
    Thanks Chris. Great show, great product.

    1. Great to hear from a vet. I hope I treaded in that interview lightly enough to not make wild claims about what I know about Afghanistan. Because compared with those who served, I know nothing. Move forward my friend and definitely get in touch with Stacy. He’s a great human.

  2. Thanks for this! I was able to chip in a tiny bit. I bet when you started this podcast you didn’t see yourself advocating for folks in Afghanistan. Great job!

  3. Love your podcast so much, look forward to every episode — & I’m not even a climber!
    Particularly this last episode, so compelling & important in this moment. Stacy is an incredible & inspiring person… thank you ♥️

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