Enormocast 228: Aaron Livingston – We Shall Be Brothers

Clockwise from top left: Spaceshot by Nolan Smythe, Aaron Livingston by Drew Smith, Aaron on Mt Hooker by Drew Smith

On Episode 228 of the Enormocast, I sit down with climber and guide, Aaron Livingston. A Utah native, Aaron splits his time between Ouray, Colorado and Moab, Utah while guiding for San Juan Mountain Guides. While we get to know Aaron in the first half of the interview, his purpose for coming in the show was to talk about his friend Nolan Smythe. Nolan was killed on El Gigante in Chihuahua, MX while climbing with Aaron. The two came up in climbing together and Aaron considered him a brother. The tale of their partnership is both inspiring and tragic, but in the end, Aaron caries Nolan’s flame as he continues to realize adventures that they had once dreamt of together.

4 Replies to “Enormocast 228: Aaron Livingston – We Shall Be Brothers”

  1. This is an outstanding interview.

    Thanks for broaching this tough subject of dealing with loss.

  2. First the desk guy at my local gym breaks his ankle trad climbing, then i boot up the enormopage to this episode…looks like it’s time do some reflection on the inherent risks of the sport I love so much. Big thanks to you and Aaron for expressing yourselves honestly on such a heavy topic, we need to hear more from the folks who’ve experienced this kind of loss.

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