Enormocast 242: Scott Franklin – Mullets and Mavericks

On episode 242 of the Enormocast, I run with one of the big dogs of the 80s, Scott Franklin. Scott was a prodigy shaking up the Gunks and the old ways in the early 80s. He then dropped the taboos against hang-dogging, bolting, top down inspection, and helped usher in the sport climbing revolution we still embrace to this day. But he’s no one trick pony, before he did the 2nd ascent and first American ascent of To Bolt or Not to Be (5.14a), he had cut his teeth as a trad master and a soloist. So when the establishment freaked out about wimpy “sportos”, Franklin was able to walk the walk with the trad dads while espousing the virtues of athletic bolted climbing. Once labelled enemy #1 by the old guard, Scott’s reputation has mellowed after raising a family, becoming and entrepreneur at Franklin Climbing and then Lumos Solar, and still climbing after all these years.

Lumos Solar changing the world one panel at a time.