Enormocast 251: Steve McClure – Immersion

Photos L and R: Keith Sharples

On Episode 251 of the Enormocast, I talk with legendary British climber, Steve McClure. Steve was introduced to climbing as a youth by his folks, and by his teens, he possessed a deep well of trad skills. The two successive serious accidents sent him spinning away from climbing for a time, but the advent of sport climbing, and his discovery of the joys of trying hard, brought Steve back into the fold. Within a few years following his return, Steve was THE top British sport climber and perhaps the best in the world at a certain type of power endurance climbing found at the infamous Raven Tor. Now approaching 50 years on a rope, Steve is still trying hard, still looking for that immersive experience, and still loving climbing.

All Things Steve

Steve’s immaculate Wikipedia

Steve McClure at Raven Tor

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  1. Chris,

    Really dug the chat with Steve McClure! Having first licking into the climbing scene here in Carbondale, IL as a 25 year old in the mid-nineties and pouring through the mags/books, interviews with cats like Steve and John Sherman get me grinning wide. Thanks for doing what you do

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