Enormocast 266: Erik “Alleycat” Hingerty – Above the Lighted Stage

On Episode 266 of the Enormocast, I sit down with stagehand, rigger, former BMXer, and “every-person” climber, Erik “Alleycat” Hingerty. Erik grew up underground street-riding on his BMX bike: ducking any fame, and trying to keep it real. But the accidents and injuries started to mount as he pushed his limits on a bike and started to age out. Then he found climbing to replace his adventure-jones and hasn’t looked back since. Now Erik thinks he’s found a pretty ideal vocation for traveling climbers: rigging and being a stagehand. Erik travels around the country to festivals and shows getting paid, seeing music, and climbing on his time off. If you’re looking for something to make the road-life ends meet, Erik might just be the guy to contact.

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