Episode 18: Randy Leavitt- Slackers need not apply.

Click here to learn how to LEAVITTATE like the master himself.

Episode 18 is here to make you feel lazy and weak. You’re welcome. Listen in as rock climbing legend Randy Leavitt admits to beingĀ  good at everything he tries. He works harder than you do, he wastes less time than you do, he’s smarter, stronger, and, frankly, better looking. This guy makes the Energizer Bunny want to trade in his bass drum for a triangle just so he can relax for a second. Oh, and he happens to be so damn nice about it, it was all I could do not to reach over and poke him in the eye.

Did I mention he Kite-Surfs, too?



7 Replies to “Episode 18: Randy Leavitt- Slackers need not apply.”

  1. I listened to this show while day tripping from Melbourne to the Grampians (3 hours each way) and was psyched to hear about Randy’s regular six hour commute to climbing at the Virgin River Gorge. It was well worth the effort to get in a few Taipan wall pitches!
    My wife and I both love the Enormocast. Any chance you can send stickers to Australia? Keep up the great work Chris.

  2. Great interview. I read Randy’s Leavittation article a few years ago on widefetish.com but had no idea about all his other accomplishments. It’s cool to see someone who did so much across so many disciplines, especially when so many climbers are so specialized these days. It almost makes me want to get into sport climbing!

    1. Ah, a tradster hold out! It’s all climbing and a season steep sport climbing only makes those fingies seem even more bomber and learning to relax at rests makes placing gear more secure. You should check it out. Besides, way more girls at sport crags.

      Thanks for the comment. I had a lot of fun sitting down with the man.

  3. Great show – wished I’d watched the Leavittation clip before tangling with a couple of little #4 to 5 camalot sections last week!

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