Episode 19: Jeff Jackson- Journeyman, Mystic

Jefe digging into his harp.

On Episode 19 of the Enormocast, co-host Chris Parker and I sit down for a rambling chat with one of the last Mountain Mystics, Jeff Jackson. Consummate climber, first ascensionist, yogi, father, husband, musician, Jeff has more than one engaging story to tell. Listen in as Chris and I sit jaw-dropped as Jefe describes his encounters with shape-shifting horse people, alien visitors, crazy Canadians, and worst of all, young republican lawyers. Bonus audio includes two original tunes by Chris Parker with JJ on harmonica and me on bass. Its quite a journey, so dig in for this one.


Shape-shifting horse people: believe it!

More JJ at Splitterchoss

Some other dude named Jeff Jackson climbing


13 Replies to “Episode 19: Jeff Jackson- Journeyman, Mystic”

  1. Late bloomer, I have climbed for a few years now but haven’t listened to many podcasts. Enormocast is awesome, I loved this episode! I had a little climbing accident recently and fell (around 35 feet) landing on my lower back and pelvis region, shattering T12 (I had to have it fused). So I have been walking on the treadmill way too much and loving your podcasts. Trying to keep my psych up! Thanks a million!!

  2. i think i’ve listened to this episode like 3 times and its still a blast every time. jeff tells stories like john long, someone needs to write a freakin book man. great work chris as always, interviews with dudes and ladies from the 60’s-80’s are absolute riots.

  3. Hello Chris,

    Currently listening to the episode. Any idea where the routes are that Jeff developed in the Dallas/Plano area. Currently living in the area and I am dying to know.

  4. Any idea where I can get a copy of this song or more music? It was great, as well as this episode!

  5. I’m a late bloomer to the enormocast so I just listened to this show for the first time. JJ is an incredible storyteller – one of those select few who show us that audio is still the most powerful media to the human condition. Thanks Chris for sharing…I should be all caught up to the Enormotrain in the next month or so

  6. I used to work with those two and did some climbing with them. They are great guys to hang out with. Great episode. Made me miss crag sessions at The Gash and Narrows.

  7. This was a great episode and helpful for climbing history. You could do a who series on climbing history following certain themes such as: biography, technology, location, etc. Do it! Thanks! Love the show.

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