Episode 65: Russ Clune- The Lifer.

Russ Clune then and now.
Russ Clune then and now.

On Episode 65 of the Enormocast, I sit down in some random hotel room in Salt Lake City for a chat with my good friend Russ Clune. Gunks local, long time hardman, world traveller, Clune fills us in on the beginnings of sport climbing, comp climbing, and the heyday of European free climbing. He participated in some of the earliest comps in the US and Europe and embraced new ethics and methods to push free climbing forward. Russ fills in the murky history of Lycra and makes a plea for the return of Team Motivation‘s trophy. Also, Maria the maid drops by to hand out towels.

Footage from 1988 Snowbird Sport Climbing Comp

Evening Sends: The Day I Sent Balance of Soul by Russ Clune


6 Replies to “Episode 65: Russ Clune- The Lifer.”

  1. Hey, another great episode. Very even bodied, probably won’t need to age in the barrel long. Has hints of magnesium carbonate. Drinkable right now!

    About halfway through the episode, I had similar thoughts that you did toward the end: what is great about Russ and climbers in general is that there is this uncanny commonality. Once we identify one another, it’s like we’re old friends who can complete each other’s sentences. This was one of my favorite episodes. Nothing in particular stood out, but it was a continual stream of really interesting and great stories. Love the range of perspectives that Russ has been through.

    It’s like when you wander up to some climber campfire and hang with some great folks for an evening. Later, sometimes, years later, you realize you’ve been hanging with someone from the Pantheon. That’s what’s so great about climbing… the people at the highest levels can be so down to earth. The “shooting a pickup game with Kobe” motif you’ve put forth before.

    Thanks and keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Thanks Russ, that was a blast! I really liked your final comments. We all have our stories, climbing has given us so much, like after-climbing rum drinks in the Caymans!

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s not Cluney playing guitar with a cigarette dangling from his lips.

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