Episode 87: Madaleine Sorkin- Become What You Are.

Mads having a fleeting moment of fun between the gnar on Mt Proboscis.
Mads all smiles on Mt Proboscis with Kate Rutherford and Emily Stifler Wolf.

On Episode 87 of the Enormocast, after some serious cajoling, I sit down in the Mobile Studio with my friend Madaleine Sorkin. A self-professed quiet and closed person, Madaleine is remarkably frank and forthcoming on an episode that deals with finding oneself through climbing, sexuality and gender politics, and her continued struggles with self identity. Oh, and we talk about climbing, too, including her cool head, hardest sends, and proclivity to turn even the most chill climbing moments into adventures, for better or worse…or even stupid.

Tragedy Averted

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  1. Really beautiful and authentic interview. Thanks for doing this interview, Chris, and thanks for being so open, Madaleine.

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