Episode 88: Chris McNamara- Living the Ever Changing Dream.

FullSizeRenderOn Episode 88, I return to the Mobile Studio with SuperTopo founder and El Cap Ace, Chris McNamara. Chris started early with an obsession for the big stone, and moved on to a life of adventure in business, in the sky, and around the world. Never one to wait for opportunity to come to him, Chris took inspiration from the Golden Age when so many Yosemite climbers went on to success as entrepreneurs, adventurers, scientists, and beyond. He has climbed El Cap nearly 100 times, founded two successful online companies, and pioneered wingsuit jumping in the US. Psyche is not in short supply with Chris in the studio.

Why Chris walked away from wingsuit flying.

Chris’ Website.

12 Replies to “Episode 88: Chris McNamara- Living the Ever Changing Dream.”

  1. One of my favorite interviews yet. Don’t sweat the hype. People get behind a keyboard and get all self entitled. Just like you guys talked about.

  2. ok I’ve listened to a lot of amateurish blather promoting Sportiva and am waiting for the interview to start….but first a lot of absolute narcissistic chatter from host.

    “Anyway, let’s get to it.”

    But first let’s listen to music and another silly commercial….

    Ok I’m done… sorry I didn’t get to the interview.

    Really brings down BD and Sportiva in my estimation.

  3. Really really great interview you guys. Very thoughtful and smart for a couple of rock climbers!!
    I’m not really a podcast guy, but I hope someone like CMac will post up once in a while when there is a great one available.

    I got the word on the forum and kind of took over the early conversation. Sorry if I stepped on any toes. But I will continue to bump it up, because I want people to hear this. The part about the forum was funny, informative and really wish it would make a difference in our behavior, but I won’t hold my breath, hahahahaaa!!
    I’ll always be the eternal optimist though, and I hope to remain one of the good guys!

    1. Thank you Bruce. I appreciate your optimism. It’s hard to imagine a forum that is ALWAYS informative and inspirational. But at the same time, we can all do our part to nudge things in a more positive direction.

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