Episode 90: Peter Metcalf- Big Peaks and High Stakes.

PM on the Evolution Traverse. Photo: Kolin Powick

On Episode 90 of the Enormocast, I sit down across the table from Peter Metcalf, CEO and founder of Black Diamond. Peter discovered his love of the mountains on the East Coast but quickly found himself in the Alaska range testing his teenage mettle against the Last Frontier’s gnarliest peaks. After sating his youthful obsession with a proud ascent of the Southeast Spur of Mt Hunter, Peter found himself under the tutelage of Yvon Chouinard and at the helm of Chouinard Equipment and then desperately cobbling together Black Diamond from its rubble. Now Peter continues to climb, ski, guide BD, and fight the good fight against the exploitation of our beloved wild lands and climbing areas.

Another look at Peter’s Mt Hunter Ascent

More about Peter


7 Replies to “Episode 90: Peter Metcalf- Big Peaks and High Stakes.”

  1. What’s this piece of “climbing literature” he’s talking about just before the 14 min mark? i’d like to read it since he speaks so highly of it.

  2. Fantastic episode with Peter.

    I’m slowly making my way through the episodes, one run at a time. It’s great how you can bring the greats to us. Keep it up, Chris.

  3. Thank you Chris for all the hard work you do to make these interesting podcasts. They make my mundane desk job bearable. This is one of my favorites because it goes beyond just talking about climbing. The last part of the interview where he talks about the economy versus the environment really resonates with me. Keep up the good work!

    1. Profit and the environment are very tricky to balance. Its difficult to give any big company a pass on this. Nylon, aluminum, steel- and shipping those products worldwide- all come with environmental impacts. Does BD balance it adequately? Hard to say, really.

  4. Nice mention Bisharat gave you in the Nov issue of R&I, Growing Pains. Hope that helps get the word out. I’m a relatively new climber but an older one. Didn’t start until my 60’s and I’m hooked! I heard about the Enormocast from one of my younger climbing buds. Never miss one and always waiting for the next one. You can probably feel me checking to see if a new one is available. Appreciate all you do and very happy our crags are not overrun!

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