Episode 99- Libby Sauter – Life on the Short Fix.

The Many Faces of Libby Sauter.

On Episode 99 of the Enormocast, I sit down in yet another seedy hotel with speed climber and former YOSAR member, Libby Sauter. Libby takes her adventure way beyond climbing as a nurse, often flying to far off locals with the Novick Cardiac Alliance. She cut her climbing teeth on the legendary Yosemite Search and Rescue team, and before long was speeding up The Nose in less time than it takes you to binge watch 5 episodes of Breaking Bad. Along with Mayan Smith-Gobat, Libby owns the women’s speed record on The Nose at 4:43! Always smiling, never whining (almost), Libby is carrying the torch for adventure climbing and begging us to follow.

Mayan and Libby sending the Nose.

Libby is also a sic slack-liner (but we won’t hold that against her!).

Inspired by Libby? Consider giving a little somethin’ somethin’ to the Novick Cardiac Alliance to help keep her in scrubs.

5 Replies to “Episode 99- Libby Sauter – Life on the Short Fix.”

  1. That interview with Libby was awesome. What an inspirational human. She makes me feel incredibly lazy and useless. I’m an Aussie climber who has just got onto enormocast recently. The Peter Croft episode is my favourite so far.. His psyche is infectious! It would be great to hear from some Aussie climbers if you can ever pin one down. Ben and Lee Cossey have both done some totally rad stuff that most people outside Australia have probably never heard about. jarmilla Tyrill would probably have some great stories about her battle with punks in the gym and climbing mountains in Antarctica.

    1. Yeah. I’d love to get my inaugural Aussie on the show. Hard to find them over here. Expensive ticket, I suppose. But I will stay on the hunt.

  2. Rad listen! I walked up to do the RNWF of Half Dome with my girlfriend a week after the guy died on it. While filling up my water bottle at the base, I found a fleck of that guy’s skull and we turned around right there. There was a really miasmatic aura in that place.

    It’s always inspiring to see Libby crushing in the Valley! Go girl!

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