Episode 108: Joe Kinder – Working for it.

On Episode 108 of the Enormocast, I sit down in the Mobile Studio in Rifle Mountain Park with Joe Kinder. Joe grew up in New England where he joined a crew of hotshot sport climbers that included Tim Kemple, Luke GOMEZ Parady, and Dave Graham. Self-described as the weakest of that band, Joe has nevertheless gone on to create a career out of climbing and ticked an extensive list of hard routes across the world. He started as a punk kid trying to be cool, and has become a consummate pro and route developer. Yet, as we sit down, the nervous kid worried about being cool comes out in this down to earth and revealing interview.


2 Replies to “Episode 108: Joe Kinder – Working for it.”

  1. This was a great episode. Lots of really good ones but Joe (who I never heard of before) was super fun to listen to. Chris you have really mastered the art of the interview.

  2. Really enjoyed this interview–a funny, motivated guy. And, yeah, that tree business was taken way too far. Ah, life in the age of social media. All the best, Mr. Kinder!

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