Episode 109: Chelsea Rude – Can She Suffer? Yes, She Can.

Evolution of Chelsea Rude
Evolution of Chelsea Rude

On Episode 109 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a sweltering Mobile Studio at City Park in Lander, Wyomin’ during the IFC with climber, Chelsea Rude. Chelsea grew up in the South dreaming of the West and finally made the move to Colorado to pursue her climbing dreams. That dream at first revolved around comp climbing, then sport climbing, and now Chelsea- a seasoned 30 year old- wants to suffer in the big mountains. She’s dabbled in ice climbing, thrown herself at a gnarly Alaskan peak, and is cutting her teeth on the cracks. Will her desire to suffer survive repeated punishment? Only time will tell, but on the way, she’ll still crush your project at will.

Chelsea in Ceuse

Chelsea in The Red


2 Replies to “Episode 109: Chelsea Rude – Can She Suffer? Yes, She Can.”

  1. Dude,
    Nice episode but, if you don’t get James Lucas on the Enormocast soon I’m going to boycott the whole damn thing. I love your show and there is no better way to kill time at work. In the Paul Piana episode did you say you have never climbed in the SD Needles? If so that is some horseshit considering how many places you have climbed. You need to go because of the Cathedral Spires and treasure troves of Enormocast possibilities in the Black Hills. Jann Conn had a hand in hundreds of these Needles first ascents in the 1940’s along with exploring Jewel Cave for 22 years and mapping 60 some miles of it. I believe she lives near Custer, SD and there is a local documentary about some of her & the late Herb Conn’s accomplishments called “Up Not Down” on vimeo. I know a guide out of Hill City (Sylvan Rocks Climbing) who would be the person to ask if it would be possible for you to talk to her considering she is in her 90’s. You also need Dennis Horning, so don’t go to Minnesota again and skip the Black Hills.

    1. Oh, man. I know, I know. Its just really hard for a Westerner to go east to climb! My resume is swiss cheese with all the missing midwest and eastern climbing zones. I’ll get there! Dennis Horning would be awesome. We had a slightly contentious relationship on MP back in the day. Would be fun to pick that back up!

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