Episode 124: Boone Speed – Climbing Creative.

On Episode 124 of the Enormcast, I sit down with sport climbing legend, Boone Speed. Like the Royal We here at the Enormocast, Boone came into climbing on the very cusp of the sport climbing revolution, but he quickly found himself in an overly steep cave in American Fork, Utah bolting what would become the hardest routes of his era. While other places more steeped in tradition were arguing over tactics, bolts, and more, Boone and his cohort were just figuring it out on their own, and they eventually turned a couple of formerly scrappy cliffs into destinations that endure to this day. Not happy with just being a ground breaking sport climber, Boone also spearheaded bouldering in Utah and was a founder of Pusher, the first modern climbing hold company. Wherever he went, Boone brought creativity and individual thinking, and we are now living with his legacy.

Boone’s Photography Website

Some Classic Boone Speed Footage



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  1. Barbarian Days! What a sick book… Loved it. I’m a dry docked surfer / climber from California living in Austin now. Loved hearing from Boone and Randy about surfing and climbing – such a cool thing to achieve a lifestyle where they could pursue both. I’m still working on it 😉

    Both those guys have such multifaceted fulfilling lives, balancing careers and their recreational pursuits. Super motivating! Another guy from that generation who might be cool to talk to – Dave Hatchett from Tahoe area. He had a hand in developing the early sport climbing up there in the 80’s and 90’s (along with Dan Osman etc.) as well as being a pro snow-boarder and filmmaker.

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