Enormocast 245: James Lucas – Peaches en Ragalia

On Episode 245, James Lucas and I reconvene to catch up on his topsy-turvy life. This installment, his 4th, finds James on the upswing from a low point after losing his job, his girlfriend, his stoke, and purpose. James talks about losing himself in dance, home remedies for panic attacks, therapy, and general depression. But by the end, he’s back on the upswing and we discuss some dubious dating advice administered by one Madeleine Sorkin. James is probably the most forthcoming and honest guest to ever grace the Enormocast, and its always a joyride when he hits the mic!

James 2013

James 2015

James 2018

Zappa’s Peaches en Ragalia


7 Replies to “Enormocast 245: James Lucas – Peaches en Ragalia”

  1. Oh man, I so identify with the campfire Crooner statement! Every time I’m at a fire with people I don’t know I always have an anxiety that someone will pull out a guitar or break into song. I freaking hate it. I also went to art school and every time I would walk by a gaggle of theater students it was the same anxiety about them performing too close in proximity.

  2. Cunningham’s Law, baby! This is #5 for James.

    21, 47, 92, 166, 245

    Each is gold.

  3. Could have listened to this conversation forever. Great stuff, especially how climbing friend relationships are super deep, but geographically disparate. James – if u ever cruise through SF I’ll treat the gym pass and a $12 grilled cheese.

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