Episode 13: Cedar Wright, witness to the sickness.

On Episode 13, I meet up in the mobile studio with infamous climber Cedar Wright. Cedar fills us in on his hippy upbringing, his crash course in free soloing, and his days in the dirt in Yosemite Valley. Even though Cedar is known for his sarcastic wit, the Enormocast brings out his serious side as we talk about his inspirations, and he pays homage to all of those that helped him on his path to pro-boy superstardom. The whole thing was followed by a protracted bro-hug that may have lingered a little too long for my taste.

The World’s Greatest Climbing Video

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16 Replies to “Episode 13: Cedar Wright, witness to the sickness.”

  1. I moved from California to Boulder too! Could relate to that.. Yosemites rad, but he’s correct in saying there isn’t a climbers town in CA. Boulders the bomb!

  2. Thanks for another awesome podcast. You’ve got a knack for interviewing, at least climbers! Definitely firing on all cylinders and hitting all the relevant and interesting stuff.

    I’ve listened to each episode and you’ve got something special going on here. I’ve been climber for about twenty years (plodding variety), and the Enormocast provides a breath of fresh air and as well as a stimulating, positive perspective. Inspiring too. Even has pulled me back out of the abyss a few times. And did I mention it slices bread and makes you coffee? Ha ha!

    Thanks again!

    1. True story. Made it out in one piece because I’d buddied up with the factory guys who where the natural enemies of the cowboys. Without them, I’m pretty sure I’d have ended up with at least a sore jaw if not pummeled into pulp. I’m a lover, not a fighter after all.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Cobra for sale at the corner store down by Seneca Rocks in WV. Or maybe at that was OE. Meh. When I go cheap on beer, my scale stops at PBR.

    1. Too bad, there is very little that guys find sexier than a gal strutting down the street swilling a 40 of KC and maybe a stubby Marlboro red for good measure.

      1. Damn! Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong all these years!!!! Tube top- check! daisy dukes with my ass hanging out-check! 40 of KC in hand- check! Malboro Red- check! Bring on the climber hotties!

  4. Glad to hear you’ll be up here in Lander! Love listening to the enormocast when I can’t be out getting after it, keep up the great work man, Mucho Appreciated!

  5. Great episode. I love the history, stories, and insights. Lookin’ forward to the next episode.

  6. Who needs a PhD … just keeping everyday-man-drudgery when i cant be outside – thank you my good man !


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