Episode 51: Lynn Hill- Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Part 1

Me, Asa, and yes, that's Lynn Hill, at the Psicobloc comp in Park City.
Lynn, Asa Firestone, and little ol’ me at the Psicobloc comp this summer.

On Episode 51, I have posted up the first half of a far-reaching interview with legend Lynn Hill. In this installment, Lynn talks about her near death experience, her beginnings in So Cal, and her association with some of the greats from those halcyon days in the 70s in Josh. She also reveals why she was so attracted to John Long (spoiler: its the muscles).

Buy her book at lynnhillclimbing.com


6 Replies to “Episode 51: Lynn Hill- Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Part 1”

  1. We’re listening right now. Regarding the Lynn Hill card. Bruce always says “Lynn Hill says, don’t ever turn down a top rope”.

  2. Can’t wait to listen, love the Enormocast! Actually listened to ep. 50 on the chairlift between runs, and you’re totally killing it on bringing the “campfire chat” to us climbing proles.

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