Episode 75: Stevie Haston- Rad Reputation.

igy1On Episode 75 of the Enormocast, I sit down in Salt Lake City with visiting British jack-of-all-climbing-trades, Stevie Haston. Stevie has a reputation as a malcontent with a short fuse, but what I find on a somewhat blurry morning is a soft spoken and altogether warmer individual than the climbing world would have us expect. Stevie talks about his meager beginnings, his constant pricking of the French, his love of rabbits, and waxes damn near poetic about his famous winter solo of the Walker Spur. Finally, he calls for more hardness and weirdness in climbing. Let Stevie’s accent and smooth tones soothe your jones for candid climbing talk.

Stevie’s entertaining blog.

Stevie’s climbing bonafides.

Another take on Stevie’s reputation.

4 Replies to “Episode 75: Stevie Haston- Rad Reputation.”

  1. One of my favorites yet. That guy is the definition of the Real Deal.

    I don’t get to climb much these days but listening to The Enormocast makes me feel like I just took down my gnarly proj. Sort of…

    1. Awesome. I know you balance music and climbing. Leaning further to the music side for now ain’t such a bad choice. Glad to keep you connected.

  2. I should probably just start snowboarding and escape to the Himalayas while I still can, I could be that guy! Haha, awesome interview with the man himself.

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