Episode 76: Ethan Pringle- Don’t Call it a Comeback…

11001840_804858449567905_8674651096228370069_nOn Episode 76 of the Enormocast, I sit down deep in the heart of Catalunya with American climber Ethan Pringle. A wary and weary Ethan sits down to bare his soul about his motivations as a pro climber. Its not all proud sends and free shoes in Ethanlandia. Ethan talks about the evolution of his career, his highs and lows as a climber, and fighting the worse parts of his nature. He wonders openly about his future, his place in the community, and where climbing will fit in down the road. Finally, Ethan tells of eating his first really big juicy burger in Greenland with Mike Libecki.

Ethan talks about his fight with Jumbo Love .15b

6 Replies to “Episode 76: Ethan Pringle- Don’t Call it a Comeback…”

  1. Just heard the episode a bit late and wanted to say that I think Ethan showed a lot of thoughtfulness and self-awareness in this interview, and I liked him a lot for it. I hope he is successful in figuring out who he wants to be. I’m right there with him at 29.

    Also, I mean I appreciate that he is aware of his privilege and everything, that’s rad, but you don’t send 5.15b by being lazy! We are our own worst critics, as always.

    1. Had a conversation with Ethan recently just after meeting his amazing girlfriend and basically told him to shut it. 5.15b, on the road with a beautiful woman, nothing to complain about!

  2. He’s so forthright about how he’s feeling, that lack of affectation is very appealing. SO happy to hear he sent his project! Great interview, Chris!

  3. Because of his self-deprecating nature, this interview made Ethan seem privileged and insouciant. However, he’s had his share of cares, responsibility, and stress. For instance, over the last eighteen months, much of Ethan’s time has been devoted to caring for his father. Ethan’s formerly athletic father had tragically suffered a massive stroke, leaving him completely disabled and requiring 24-hour care. Ethan is too modest to mention it, but he dropped most of his plans and, with his brother Brooks, stepped up and took excellent care of their father.

    Moreover, Ethan’s professed absence of money woes is largely owing to his own studious commitment to simple living and careful spending habits.

    1. Alright. Insouciant: a casual lack of concern. Even I, the English major, had to look that one up. Yes, Ethan never really got to the meat of having his father receive that blow, but I still think he came across as someone who was growing up and facing adult cares with honesty and grit, despite his claims of being lazy. Good on you, Ethan, for stepping up to your responsibilities.

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