Episode 77: Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber- The Iron Couple

KL-Kilian-Fischhuber-Anna-Stoehr-060710CB01-Teaser--On Epsiode 77, I’m working hard for you on my Spanish vacation tracking down Austrian kraftpakets Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr. My friend Bernardo Giminez facilitated a meeting and Anna and Kilian were gracious enough to invite me into their temporary home to talk. In perfect English, they explain their military sponsorship, the Austrian climbing scene, and what they love about climbing. Crossing the cultural gap, we also discuss guns in ‘Merica.

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  1. I’m really happy you were able to track down these two! Your episode with Ethan Pringle made me feel like one of the few Americans who does care about competitions and is familiar with Fischhuber. Thanks for broadening your show to include those outside of your knowledge base!

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