Episode 82: Jack Tackle – True Grit.

Jack Tackle, Ruth Lake, Uinta Mountains, UT
Photo: Andrew Burr

On Episode 82 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a magical place with mountaineering legend and Bozeman native, Jack Tackle. From the Montana to the Himalaya to Patagonia, and most importantly, to Alaska, Jack Tackle has set light and fast standards since before that was a “thing”. This dogged, humble, hardman is still revered by generations that have literally followed in his footsteps. Jack reflects on his major ascents, friends lost, and a life of expedition climbing. The deep intonement of Jack Tackle’s baritone is like the voice of the mountain itself.

2 Replies to “Episode 82: Jack Tackle – True Grit.”

  1. Fantastic!

    Having grown up in Bozeman, Jack was almost a mythological character to us band of misfits. Our parents would laugh at us as we’d sleep in the backyard in the dead of winter. With no car (let alone income) it was the path of least resistance to sharing the suffering that no doubt occurred on his climbs. How else would we be able to harden the fvck up? Once we were able to get to Hyalite or the Gallatin Canyon, we’d occasionally run into the other local hardmen (and women), but Jack… Jack was always on a big mission somewhere, never seen by us kids. At times we’d question whether he even existed. We knew he must, a Marmot ad with him boiling water in a light bivy somewhere in the wilds of Wyoming, ripped out of a magazine hanging on the bedroom wall was proof.

    1. After having hung out with the guy, even for just an evening, I can see how he engendered the myth: deep voice, knowing smile, look of determination. Truly one of a dwindling breed. WWJTD is not a bad moot to follow in the mountains, for sure.

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