Episode 94: Colin Haley – The Contender.

Photo: Alex Honnold
Photo: Alex Honnold
Photo: Dylan Johnson
Photo: Dylan Johnson









On Episode 94 of the Enormocast, I enjoy an evening with alpinist, Colin Haley. Colin hails from Washington, grew up scrambling and snow climbing in the Cascades before turning his talents to Alaska, the Himalaya, and Patagonia. Colin methodically built the skills to become one of the heavy-hitters down in El Chalten and was finally called up to the big leagues by Rolo Garibotti to complete the Cerro Torre Traverse. But that was only the beginning. Don’t call it an obsession, but this guy now knows Patagonia as well as anyone.

Colin’s Website

Colin’s Old Blog


2 Replies to “Episode 94: Colin Haley – The Contender.”

  1. Great show, but to say that Colin Haley knows Patagonia as well as anyone is quite a bold statement, to put it mildly. Patagonia is a huge and extremely varied region, and Colin, though he has lived in El Chaltén for years, is rather a newcomer. I lived in Patagonia for 15 years, on an actual mountain slope, and continued to tour it extensively, spending two months a year there till last year (I intend to sail to Antarctica this summer). There’s more to Patagonia than El Chaltén. All the best, bud, and I will spread the love for you!

    1. Ha. Hyperbole for sure. And certainly the region of Patagonia is massive, technically including the east coast as well, and apparently by some reckoning, the Falklands. But within the context of climbing, saying “Patagonia” often refers to two or three specific climbing venues, of which, Mr Haley is quite versed.

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