Episode 59: Jeremy Collins – The Art of Climbing.

Click to watch Jeremy's film The Wolf and the Medallion.
Click to watch Jeremy’s film The Wolf and the Medallion.

On Episode 59 of the Enormocast, I finally lure the elusive (at least for me) artist Jeremy Collins into the Enormostudio for a chat. The free-range convo covers art, family, faith, climbing, and expeditions. Jeremy explains where the connection between his art and his love of climbing intersect, and how climbing is more than just something he does. By the end, Jer is clearly relieved and elated to have finally succumbed to my wiles and gone on his first Enormodate.543448_10151620397837076_1572990967_n


All things Jeremy Collins at jercollins.com


4 Replies to “Episode 59: Jeremy Collins – The Art of Climbing.”

  1. I really like the enormo hold “fill in the blank holiday” gift gag! Cracks me up every time!

  2. really good episode, I liked this one a lot. The ending was total gold too, one of my favorite movie quotes of all time!

    thanks for the work you do Chris

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